Best Wireless Backlit Keyboard 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

best wireless backlit keyboard

I hope you will agree with me when I say:

Backlit or Illuminated keyboards are need of the hour.

If you are a regular computer user at night time or when lights are low, you will definitely agree with me.

But the real problem is to find a perfect wireless backlit keyboard.

To solve this problem I have created a list of Best Wireless Backlit Keyboard 2017. This list is created after a lot of online researching for hours.

To make it easier I have short listed the top 10 wireless backlit keyboards which you can buy without a second thought.


Best Wireless Backlit Keyboard 2017

Choosing a backlit keyboard is not an easy task as there are many choices available with different backlit colour options.

So it depends totally on one’s personal choice, which colour options he feels most comfortable.

But still I have tried my best to provide the top wireless backlit keyboard 2017.


Keyboard NameConnectivityWeightBatteries included 
Logitech K830

(Editor's Choice)
Bluetooth + USB1.75 lbs No Check Price
Logitech K810Bluetooth1 lb No Check Price
Logitech K800USB3.56 lbs No Check Price
Ivation 2.4 GHzUSB1.9 Pounds No Check Price
Azio Vision KB506WUSB2.3 Pounds Yes Check Price
Artech HB030BBluetooth7.6 ounces Yes Check Price
Technet X366Bluetooth7.69 ounces No Check Price
Jelly CombBluetooth0.7 lb No Check Price
Airfox K30Bluetooth + USB- No Check Price
Airfox K20Bluetooth0.63 ounces No Check Price


Logitech K830 – Best backlit wireless keyboard with trackpad

The first wireless backlit keyboard on our list is Logitech K830 and its an easy guess why Logitech is the first company to consider when you are looking for keyboards.

Logitech K830

The answer is simple because Logitech provides a wide variety of computer peripherals with some top notch products which is worth to consider.

This product is also one of the finest products in wireless backlit keyboards segment. Its an all in one keyboard that comes with touch pad which definitely serves as a cherry on the cake.

No other keyboard comes near to Logitech K830 in terms of performance and build quality and can also be used for Internet connected TVs so use this keyboard from the comfort of your living room.

Coming to the technical aspects, this keyboard comes with ambient light sensors and bright backlit keys which turns off automatically five seconds after typing to save power. It works flawlessly in 10 meter wireless range and connects easily with tiny unifying receiver or bluetooth. With three hours of charging it can easily give power backup up to 10 days so no need to worry about that.

This keyboard also comes with media hot keys and shortcut keys like mute, volume up or down for quick control.

Only issue we found with Logitech K830 is that there is no proximity sensor and function keys are not backlit illuminated but if you can live without this feature then its the perfect option.


  • Responsive and compact size
  • Metal like finish and Premium textures
  • Supports both bluetooth and unifying receiver
  • Comes with media hot keys
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Android
  • Quite expensive for some
  • No proximity sensor
  • Prone to fingerprints


Logitech K810 – Best Compact Multiple Device Keyboard

Next product on our list is Logitech backlit wireless keyboard K810 and its almost similar to Logitech K830 but this comes with no touch pad.

So if touch pad is not your priority then go for this one.

This keyboard is one stop solution for all users because it works perfectly with any device whether it’s a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Logitech k810

The Logitech Easy Switch Bluetooth technology makes it super easy and with a press of one button you can switch between different devices. So you don’t have to buy separate keyboards for all other devices if you choose this one.

With automatic illumination technology it adjusts automatically according to the level of light in the room and the bright backlit keys makes it easy to type even in the dark.

There is dedicated function keys to control the backlit and it can be activated by the proximity of one’s hand.

Isn’t this cool !!

To save battery it automatically dim with ambient light and turns off completely after it is left idle for particular period of time.

It’s a compact keyboard with no Num Pad Keys for obvious reasons. But still if you feel Num keys worth then look for Logitech K800 instead.

Only downside with this keyboard is that you can’t use it before OS is booted like during BIOS or installing a fresh copy of operating system but who do it on a daily basis.

The rechargeable battery provides a decent backup with full charge and as the company states you can expect minimum of ten days and maximum of one year battery power depending on illumination and time spent typing.

It comes as a life saver to all those who are fed up with the hassle of pairing multiple devices.


  • Works with Windows, Mac, Linux out of the box.
  • Built in Proximity detection.
  • Auto-adjusting Illumination dims or brightness
  • Pairs with multiple devices – PCs, Tablets, Smartphones
  • No feet on the back end to elevate it.
  • Price might be an issue for some.


Logitech K800  – Robust though comfortable

Logitech Wireless backlit K800 keyboard  is perfect choice for those who are looking for a comfortable keyboard to type for longer period of time with very quiet keystrokes sound.

So it won’t probe any problem while using it at night.

Logitech k800

It is ergonomically designed so it will never make you feel tired as the keys are well spaced and a slight concave of each keys makes it more convenient to use.

The battery will charge in 5 hours while keyboard is in ON position but it will only take 3 hours to charge it completely in OFF position.

Logitech claims that the battery will last for 10 days on a single charge. Although the actual battery life may depend upon one’s pattern of use, backlit settings and other conditions also.

Use the Logitech software to set up all the function keys and after setting you can adjust back light and volume, check battery status all with the keyboard itself.

With all these positive points there are negative aspects as well like this keyboard also does not support backlit illumination in function keys like Logitech K830.

But when you are getting a premium quality keyboard which is robust and comfortable then you can leave this negative as who uses those keys much.


  • Good for professional work
  • Rechargeable
  • Ergonomical design with well spaced keys
  • Backlit Brightness adjustment setting
  • Not suggested for Gaming because it lacks anti ghosting capability.
  • Price may bother some.
  • Only one backlit color option.


Ivation 2.4 GHz – Perfect Wireless Multimedia Keyboard

We are taking a step away from Logitech and now looking at other options, next wireless backlit keyboard to our list is Ivation 2.4 GHz.

Ivation 2.4 GHz

This is the best wireless illuminated keyboard which works at a distance of as far as 32 feet in all direction and delivers a reliable connection with virtually no interference.

Comes with motion sensor backlit which lights up on waving hand across the keyboard and to save battery it shuts off after thirty seconds of inactivity.

Its brightness can be adjusted to three different levels to suite the surrounding light.

This is not a compact model of keyboard so keys are well spaced and the extra large bold letters make it a perfect choice for elders.

It comes with multimedia features and hot keys which saves your time and navigating will be very easy.

Though it is priced at a very competitive rate compared to other keyboards with same features, there is one thing about Ivation 2.4 GHz keyboard which you don’t like. Its shiny plastic bezel is prone to dust and require regular dusting but still a very good purchase considering its plus points.

Please note that there are two models available for this particular keyboard, one is wireless and other one is not wireless so don’t get confused between the two.


  • LED backlight can be set to stay illuminated.
  • Motion Sensor
  • Extra large bold letters
  • 3 level of backlit Illumination
  • Perfectly priced.
  • Little noisy while typing thought it don’t bother much.
  • Prone to dust.


Azio Vision KB506W – Backlit Wireless Keyboard

This Azio Vision backlit keyboard comes with large print keys which is two times larger than conventional keyboards. This is good for elderly persons and can opt for this one without a second thought as it reduces eyestrain.

Azio vision kb506w

It also have dedicated internet and multimedia hotkeys which is good to enhance productivity.

The blue color back light and the keys are very clear which makes it super easy to work at night. And the back light brightness can be easily controlled with the help of brightness wheel.

It comes with motion sensor out of the box so when your hands are over the keyboard the backlit turns blue and when you removes your hand then it go off. Definitely its a great feature to save power and you don’t have to charge it often.

We are not saying that its the perfect wireless backlit keyboard, as it also have some flaws like the keys have very small or no space between them so quite troublesome for people having fat fingers. But still looking at its specifications its a good buy at this price.


  • Well Priced
  • Built in hand rest with rubbarized textures
  • Clear and large print keys
  • Good battery backup
  • Dedicated hotkeys
  • Not good for people having big hands.
  • No indication for battery going low.


Arteck HB030B  – Compact Wireless Backlit Keyboard with 7 color options

artech hb030b

This backlit keyboard comes with 7 unique LED backlight with 2 brightness level which you don’t find in Logitech keyboards.

And it works flawlessly with major operating system supporting bluetooth like iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows over various devices.

Its ultra thin and sleek design make it perfect portable keyboard but due to this sleek design there is no palm rest for obvious reasons so if you feel it must then you have to look for other options.

The rechargeable battery lasts for 6 months between charges  as stated by the manufacturer which makes it quite a decent purchase.

The material used is plastic but still it feels premium and sturdy so there is no doubt about the quality.

It was not designed as desktop keyboard replacement but if you feel convenient with compact design then you won’t find any problem with this one or I would say it’s a perfect buy in Compact backlit keyboard segment.


  • It’s Price.
  • Works flawlessly with mobiles, tablets, PC
  • Comes with 7 backlit color options.
  • Light weight.
  • Portable
  • No rubber padding is provided at bottom.
  • Its compact size might make your typing a little cumbersome if you are used to normal full size keyboards.


Technet X366 – Universal Ultra Slim Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard

Technet ultra

The next one on our list is Technet X366 Universal Keyboard, though its an universal keyboard but still you won’t find any problem while using it for longer time and it works very well with any bluetooth enabled devices that support external keyboards in the range of 10 metres.

It comes handy for all those who have a bunch of devices and feels a requirement for keyboard. It connects with devices supporting bluetooth in no time and is ready to use just after connection. No more software installations and all that.

Comes with 7 colored back lights so choose one that suits you and the brightness level can also be adjusted which is quite good.

It supports energy saving technology so if left unattended it will enter into sleep mode which will definitely increase battery life but we feel it goes to sleep too quickly which is a little bit annoying.

But looking at the price and features its definitely its a good buy and what more to expect from a universal wireless backlit keyboard.


  • Portable
  • 7 backlit colors
  • Perfectly Priced
  • Slim and Light weight
  • Works flawlessly with Mobiles,tablets, PC
  • Comes with charge indicator
  • Doesn’t support windows 8 mobile
  • Goes to sleep very quickly
  • Caps lock indicator won’t light for Android 4.1 and 5.0.1


Jelly Comb backlit wireless keyboard – Ultra Slim and Portable

This keyboard may surprise a few as it is used mostly by mobile, tablet and iPad users but still its in no way down for regular keyboard users.

jelly comb

Jelly Comb backlit keyboard is a universal keyboard which works like charm with various platforms like Android, iOS, windows. So if you are looking for a wireless backlit keyboard for your mobile, iPad or PC then it can serve the need of all the three.

It comes with multiple back light color options so change it according to your preference.

Coming to technical specifications it works on bluetooth 3.0 technology which enables you to get clutter free connection within operating distance of 10 meter. Battery backup is quite decent and it can be charged with microUSB cable which is provided in the box.

If you are fond of carrying your keyboard in your backpack then it won’t disappoint you as its ultra thin and light so just carry it and connect with any device supporting bluetooth.

With so many positive aspects there are some flaws also like the position of windows and Alt keys are inverted on left side so if you are used to regular windows keyboard then it may pose some problem.

But still a steal deal at this price point and multi platform functionality.


  • Portable
  • Perfectly priced
  • Sturdy
  • Anti slip fabric on back side
  • Works with iOS, Windows, Android
  • Quite troublesome for people having big hands


Airfox K30 – Ergonomic and Most stylish Wireless backlit Keyboard

Next to our list is Airfox K30.

And you will definitely agree that it is the most stylish wireless backlit keyboard with premium feeling. Special aluminium alloy material is used in the bottom case to make it stronger.

Airfox k30

Its not only stylish but feature rich as well. Have a look at its technical specifications and you will also feel the same.

It uses Broadcom Bluetooth chip technology which consumes only 25% power compared to other standard Bluetooth chip requirement. Due to this technology it gives standby of 120 days without charging. Built in Li-Polymer battery is provided which gives a decent backup depending on usage.

Comes with 7 color backlit options which you may find in other keyboards as well but the dual mode helps it to stand apart from other wireless backlit keyboards. This mode helps to switch between wire and wireless bluetooth mode.

It is compatible with major platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and with bluetooth supported devices.

Though all the specifications are great but still you may bother a little as Num Pad is missing. And its for obvious reasons. Airfox K30 is definitely a steal buy as the specifications are very good.


  • Stylish design
  • Ergonomical
  • Dual Mode
  • 2 level brightness
  • Chicklet keyboard
  • Battery indication
  • No number pad


Airfox K20 – Ultra Compact and Elegant Design

airfox k20

Next wireless backlit keyboard on our list is Airfox K20 and its more or less similar to earlier reviewed K30,

It is also made up of metal bottom which gives a premium look with plastic keys.

This keyboard also houses the Broadcom Bluetooth Chip technology which consumes only 25% of power compared to other standard bluetooth keyboards.

Comes with 7 backlit color options and 2 brightness level which is normal as most of the keyboards nowadays provides these features.

Built-in 800 mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery is provided which can be charged easily with the help of charging cord.

Airfox K20 is a good buy but still you have to compromise a little bit as it goes to sleep mode quickly. And you have to ON it with the help of ON/OFF switch which is located on the backside. So little difficult to access the switch every time.

But you can’t outlook the pros as it is one of the premium wireless backlit keyboard.


  • Ergonomic
  • Premium look
  • Quiet and Light weight
  • Broadcom Bluetooth Chip technology
  • Easily connects with multiple platforms
  • Goes into sleep mode quite quickly
  • On/Off switch is located on the backside

So finally you are here after a long detailed review of Top 10 best selling wireless backlit keyboards. We have tried our best to provide a clear picture of the products reviewed. But still it might be possible that we have missed some points or if you want to tell which product you feel should be in this top 10 list then let us know.